Value Interpolation in JavaScript Code using Pug

Interpolating values is helpful if you need to pass a server-side variable to client-side JavaScript (or other languages that require it).

In the case of variables, numbers, strings, and the like, you can pass these types of variables directly into your JavaScript with bracket syntax plus an explanation point (so that the code inside the brackets is not evaluated.) This is useful for parametrizing JavaScript code that require something from your server.

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Leveraging Citrix XenServer Tools

Ideally, you should use the “Quick Instances” and other VM templates provided by our Xen Orchestra Dashboard when creating virtual servers for your project. These have been optimised with tools and drivers designed to get the best performance from your virtual machine, and to access advanced features such as safe shutdown in the event of power outage. But what if your VM was built from scratch, can you still access these tools?

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