Understanding Binary

The basic building block in all computers is the binary number system.

This system is chosen since it consists of 1s and 0s only. Since computers contain millions and millions of tiny ‘switches’, which must be in the ON or OFF position, this lends itself logically to the binary system. A switch in the ON position can be represented by 1; a switch in the OFF position can be represented by 0.

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Modelling for Distributed Network Systems

The attached sample chapter from Distributed Network Systems: From Concepts to Implementations (Jia, W. and Zhou, W.,2005) is designed to introduce the client-server model and its role in the development of distributed network systems.

The chapter discusses the cooperation between clients and servers/group servers in distributed network systems, and addresses extensions to the client-server model. Service discovery, which is of crucial importance for achieving transparency in distributed network systems, is also elaborated in this chapter.