Getting root access to new install of PHPMyAdmin

Watch out! This tutorial is over 2 years old. Please keep this in mind as some code snippets provided may no longer work or need modification to work on current systems.
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Immediately after doing a fresh install on LAMP on a barebones Linux Server using Xen Orchestra or otherwise), you should secure your database before going into production.

The command to do this is

and be sure to create a password for the root user (blank by default in newer MySQL versions).

Now, open your web browser and login to the server IP address followed by /phpmyadmin eg.

Still can’t login? No prob. You should be able to login at the command line, like so:

Give your root password and then execute the following at the mysql prompt:

Now do

and you should now be able to login to PHPMyAdmin as the root user. What you should NOW do is create a user (and database) for use with your application eg. WordPress. Never use the root user for your web application!