Hello World in Java

Watch out! This tutorial is over 5 years old. Please keep this in mind as some code snippets provided may no longer work or need modification to work on current systems.
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This is how you would display “Hello World” in your Java application.

We break the process of programming in Java into three steps:

  • Create the program by typing it into a text editor and saving it to a file named, say, HelloWorld.java.
  • Compile it by typing “javac HelloWorld.java” in the terminal window.
  • Execute (or run) it by typing “java HelloWorld” in the terminal window.

So, the code in our file would look like

To compile HelloWorld.java type the text below at the terminal

Once you compile your program, you can execute it. This is the exciting part, where the computer follows your instructions. To run the HelloWorld program, type the following in the terminal window:

That’s it!